May 11, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



Jesus turned from the "leaders" to the crowd and told them how to be true leaders. Unlike the leaders he had just confronted and was about to confront again, true leaders are humble.

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• There were Crowd"s" plural • As opposed as Jesus was to the teachings of the Pharisees, etc., he did want the people to respect authority • The only time you disobey authority is when they tell you to disobey the Word of God. • Government was established by God. • Those who are in authority answer to those who placed them in authority. • Being called a hypocrite is the worst insult to a teacher of the Word. • The Pharisees thought they were above the rules they enforced on others. • The rules the Pharisees (and all bureaucrats) enforced are a mechanism of control. • The best and truest good deeds are done silently. • Greatness is most fully expressed in humility. • Matthias was the disciple called in out of the bullpen after Judas betrayed Jesus and killed himself. • If you are focused on titles and position, you are focused on yourself and not the Lord. • John the Baptist was the greatest of all the prophets. Why? Because he was humble! • John gave up the celebrity and pointed to Jesus and said follow him. • In order to save you from pride and its dangers, God will bring you down a notch.

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