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Prayer Is The Hearts Conversation With The Lord - Matthew 21:18-32
Apr 11, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



As Jesus returns to the Temple on the morning after Palm Sunday, he is confronted and challenged by the Chief Priests. We discuss that at length but, before that Jesus teaches us about prayer.

Also discussed:

• Matthias76's rule of biblical interpretation: If it is weird it matters. There is no wasted ink the Bible. If it is there, it matters. Period. • The Gospel moves us to produce fruit - fruits of faith • Jesus was going into Jerusalem looking for fruit where there was none. • The Proper Perspective on the Power of Prayer • Taking the Word of God out of context allows you to make it say whatever you want. DON'T DO IT. • Who would you be if you got everything you wanted? Think about that in the light of faith. • God will do amazing things when you pray. • We pray for good things. The problem is we do not always know what the good things are. Sometimes we are wrong. • We are to pray in the will of God. We do not define the will of God. • There is humility in prayer. • I need perspective that is enlightened by the wisdom which comes through faith • Why would the Lord answer any prayer that does not come from faith? • Why would someone who lacks faith ask the Lord for anything? • Herod's Temple was a true wonder of the ancient world. • The Chief Priests and the Elders believed themselves to be Jesus' betters. They held as being axiomatic. • They thought they could trap Jesus in his words. • Jesus was not intimidated or impressed by them. He spoke to them as the greater to the lesser. • Do not think the Jewish leaders did not know who Jesus was. They knew who he was. They did not want him taking their place. It was not a matter of unbelief but rather, a matter of rebellion. • Whenever you see Jesus speaking with the Pharisees, Scribes and Chief Priests, realize that no one ever spoke to them the way he did. • They picked The fight with Jesus. What they got was humiliation. • Jesus was not afraid to confront evil because he knew who he was. Because we know whose we are - we are his - neither should we be afraid to confront evil.

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