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Rejecting Jesus - Matthew 22:1-14
Apr 25, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



The Jewish leaders who should have eagerly accepted him instead rejected him. Jesus teaches us about this rejection and its consequences through the Parable of the Wedding Feast.

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• Jesus uses 7 parables to talk about the end times just as there are 4 sets of 7 in the Book of Revelation • Matthew is the Gospel directed to the Jews • The teachings in Matthew on the end times are the outline for the teaching of the Book of Revelation • Commit passages of Scripture in your heart. No one can take away what is stored in the treasure house of your own heart. • Parables take something known to the audience and use it to teach a profound truth • Parables allowed Jesus to talk about his enemies right in front of them and call them hypocrites and enemies of God • Jesus hoped to save some of the Pharisees • The Kingdom of Heaven is Jesus Christ ruling in my heart through his Word • Marriage is frequently used to describe the Lord's relationship with his people • When God looks at you all he sees are your works of faith • The leaders who rejected Jesus were the very ones who should have eagerly received him • It makes no sense to hate the God who created you • The consequences of rejecting Jesus Christ are terrifying • God's wrath is a fearful thing • The master sending his servants out to invite any they find is Pentecost - the reclaiming of the nations • The Christian Faith is a humble thing. It begins with this: I am a poor miserable sinner deserving of damnation • If it is weird, it is important • The man without a wedding garment is a hypocrite in the midst of the church. Hypocrites are found in the church.
• The wedding garment is our robe of righteousness. • The Lord knows his own

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