Apr 19, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



In an effort to get the attention of the Chief Priests, Sadducees and Scribes, Jesus takes a picture straight from Isaiah - a very unflattering picture of rebellion and sin - and applies it to them.

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• The acts of faith we perform out of love for the Lord do not save us. They are evidence that we are saved. • Jesus was setting things straight. "This is who you were supposed to be." • When Jesus pulled references and allusions from they were rarely positive and the Jews knew exactly what he was saying. • The Chief Priests and Pharisees knew Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah. They wanted to kill him and take his place • Hebrews is a good companion book to Matthew. They were both written for Jewish believers. • Jesus was not concerned with their reaction. The truth was the truth and he proclaimed it. • NO ONE EVER talked to the Scribes and Pharisees and Chief Priests the way Jesus did. Ever. • As modern believers we are far too separated from the Old Testament. We do not read and study it nearly enough.

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