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The Seven Woes - Matthew 23:13-36
May 12, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



The Pharisees had refused to listen. They refused to repent. Now, Jesus pronounces judgement upon them. There are no holds barred, nothing held back.

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• For the one who proclaims the Word of God, the Law he preaches condemns him as well. That should keep him humble. • There are Seven Woes because it is the ultimate divine number. • The "Last Day" is the Great and Terrible Day: Great for believers and Terrible for everyone else. • The term "Woe" is a proclamation of judgement. No one had to explain that to the Pharisees or the audience. They knew the term and its meaning. • The first and greatest use of the Law is to incite fear and work repentance. Then comes the Gospel. • If you are not afraid of the Law, you will have no interest in the Gospel. • Jesus proclaimed this truth with a burning passion that came through in his voice and demeanor. • Blind Guides get the people they lead killed. • Jesus condemns bureaucracy. Bureaucracy, then and now, is all about endless complication. They make it (the way of salvation) so complicated that you need them. • In this section Jesus is in part pronouncing judgement on them for what they were going to do - killing him and the Apostles

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