May 18, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



David looks the heavens and sees the Glory of God. What do you see?

Also Discussed…

    • We need to ask the Lord to bless us that we might understand his Word.
    • Why I no longer use the NIV84.
    • Should we trust NASA or the US Geological Survey? NO!
    • This Psalm is not a polemic against Egypt's gods or other nations' gods. It simply assigns credit for the  heavens where credit is due. The LORD made them. They are his.
    • In all of history an explosion has never created anything. Ever. Period. Ergo, the "Big Bang" is idiocy sold by Satan to the deluded. 
    • In the service of him who is about destruction, Satan, they claim destruction created everything.
    • God spoke these things into creation. 
    • Scientists do not truly understand light, gravity or what holds an atom together.
    • The more we understand science, the more we should marvel at God's handiwork. 
    • In creation the first thing God created was the one thing without which there can be no life: light.
    • Creation is just the way it should be! It is good.
    • "The Law" can be used many different ways.
    • In the broadest sense "The Law" is the full counsel of God recorded for us. 
    • The Word will revive your soul.
    • I am simple and God's Word makes me wise.
    • Other than his truth, what else do I need? Nothing.
    • Fear of the Lord is a good thing.
    • Pet sins are like a pet alligator. You think you can control it but eventually it will devour you.
    • Who might I be if "the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart" were always "pleasing in his sight?" Lord,  may that be true for us!

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