A Montanan former legislator exposes corruption
Jun 02, 2021

Pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church and author of The Doctrine of the Lesser...


Former house representative Rick Jore of Montana is known as a "no-compromise" conservative throughout the state. He has authored bills that call for eliminating state laws requiring compulsory school attendance, outlawing affirmative action, and abandoning Montana's no-fault divorce laws by requiring a judge to publicly declare who is to blame for the breakup and imposing a financial penalty. Other bills that Jore has authored would end the state inheritance tax, phase in a 20 percent reduction in individual income taxes, terminate the state-tribal hunting and fishing agreement on the Flathead Indian Reservation, and a right-to-work state by prohibiting payment of union dues as a condition of employment.

He read "The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrates and highly" recommends it.

He recognizes the duty of magistrates is to uphold their oath to the constitution, as well as submit themselves under God's law - something most magistrates are failing to do.

Even in sparsely populated conservative states like Montana, there are weak, compromised republicans holding positions of authority. It is up to us - the people - to exhort these magistrates to uphold their oath, and remove them from office when they fail to do so.

In order to save America, we must focus on local government. We must equip ourselves with knowledge of how local government is supposed to act, within their realm of authority. You can start by buying, reading, and distributing the book "The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates" - a position historically held by Christians up until the last 80 years, after which American Christianity has corrupted and maligned this view of scripture.

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