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Release the Jan. 6 defendants: Malkin interview w/Marty Tankleff
May 25, 2021

Michelle Malkin

Veritas numquam perit.



Defense lawyer and exoneree Marty Tankleff highlights the unjust and unconstitutional treatment of Jan. 6 detainees being held in the DC jail and denied their right to aid in their own defense. Tankleff is representing Jan. 6 defendants Edward Lang and Dominic Pezzola, and assisting in the defense of Richard Barnett.

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  • If Jan 6 was real, millions would have shown up, and Biden and friends would be in prison.

  • The Democrats abusing the human rights of people they don't like all for a virtue signal ... nothing has changed since Obama did the same thing !

  • hard to believe Michelle is over 50 ... she's gorgeous !

  • I love your stuff Michelle!!

  • This is bullshit. The fact that this communism shit is going on just makes my blood boil. That skank of a mayor there is the one who should be locked up. Isn't there some judicial law which measures the severity of the crime, when deciding whether or not to allow bail? Trump should actually be doing something about this. Dont care if that hurts anyone's wittle feelings.

  • I am a out spoken patriot like Alex Jones and I won't be surprised if the Nazi's show up at my door to talk about the posts on Fakebook about what we need to do to clean our country starting at the headquarters of Facebook, Twitter, CNN, CNBC, ect! Patriot Militias must rise! If you think otherwise you're just fooling yourselves because the corruption is too thick to remove by voting alone.

  • Yeah. The Lord knows and will repay. He hates injustice, and obviously the federales don't care. God cares. Let's continue to pray for divine intervention on these hostages behalf.

  • Hard to imagine that these political prisons are being held in AMERICA! Is this Constitutional?

  • Welcome to the Fascist police state where political dissension against the establishment RINOs and Democrats is crime and those who dissent will become political prisoners.

  • Do you own all your Sovereign Nation episodes? Upload them here!

  • The Deep State is still here...

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