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Springfield Mo. educator/mom: "You have a child in SPS who tried to commit suicide because they were told they were white!"
Jun 09, 2021

Michelle Malkin

Veritas numquam perit.



Springfield (Mo.) Public Schools educator/parent Brooke Henderson testified at a school board meeting this week about how a student was shamed over being white as part of "critical race theory" hate curriculum. Brooke was escorted from the room by a school resource officer and cut off before she could give her full 5-minute testimony.

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  • Bankster Funded Communist infiltrators brainwashing our kids need to be treated like the communist spies they are.

  • Welcome to planet Springfield! The RULING bodies in Springfield - the mindset displayed by off camera Board Members is common throughout all RULING BODIES of Springfield MO -- Board of Education, City Council, Mayor's Office (part of City Council), Mayor's Commission on Human Rights, etc. Their public hearings are a mere formality to meet legal requirements - - NOT to consider the concerns and evidences presented by the residents of Springfield! I personally know - although I do not call him my friend - one man who sits on one or more of these RULING BODIES who voted against God's Word, against the Church, against God's people irrespective of the major opposition to the pre-determined rulings were publicly voiced. And this one man I am speaking of is a key member of a significant church congregation in Springfield! It seems that these RULERS (they think they are) are fully committed to an agenda that is adverse to righteousness, adverse to God and God's people and they only go through the motions of "Hearings" to be able to falsely claim "Hey, we had hearings, we listened to the residents". Well they don't have hearings, they give appearances of hearings, they don't listen - they only hear the noise of people talking at the podium! Oh, yeah, when the RULERS get wind of major opposition to their agenda items, they reduce the citizens' time to speak from 5 minutes to three! Wouldn't it be great if next election Patriots challenged every seat on every city government public council or board ... then clean out all of the "back rooms" where the deals and decisions are really made!?!?!?

  • This kind of atrocity is why Parents are homeschooling their children.

  • Fake doctors, Fake cures, Fake President, Fake health care, Fake institutions, Fake election flu, Fake agendas, Fake narrative, Fake congress, Fake females [ males with d#cks cut off ] πŸ¦πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ–

  • A Psych-Op to create a race war but what to do w/Bi-racial children ? (this is the gen they're indoctrinating into THEIR Satanic belief system). I know kids racist (against theirself), taught to 'hate the white man' ....even when it's their dad. They think its 'cool' to be lesbian/Gay racist witches, devils, demons and serial killers: a result of race/LGBT indoctrination at a time they don't understand who they are or what they're doing. Then imagine when the parent is as immature and rebellious as the child. They've systematically engineered serial killers.

  • Back of the bus for you whitey

  • Have you had enough yet? How much more will you put up with?

  • Police officers should NEVER interfere with a citizen's 1st Amendment right to speech, or any other right. She was in violation of NO law or ordinance. She should NOT have been escorted away. Speaking overtime at a public meeting is NOT a violation of any law. Period. This police state junk needs to stop.

  • Show up in overwhelming numbers (you don't have to have kids to have a right to speak and direct - community taxpayers) Fire these boards that don't take action and don't listen (They are not so brave when they are grossly out-numbered -- amazingly similar to Antifa) -- Replace them with true caring adults. This is at the core of what is wrong with new generations thinking. I applaud this lady. Don't stop! -- get friends and neighbors to come and support - they can continue the statement/story with their 5 minutes.

  • They have blood on their hands if even one child commits suicide over this CRT stuff.

  • The board must be held accountable, whether they're paid or not.

  • Every single parent who has their child in a school that promotes that garbage is failing their child. Period. Get your children out yesterday! And any excuse you are thinking of right now sucks

  • That burns my ass! They need to prosecute every school that implements that communist agenda and you can blame Obama and the rest of the democrat stooges as well as communist countries supporting them and that damn hell bound George Soros too! They’re all hell bound!

  • They hate whites because we support Trump and love out rights and we have guns.

  • thank the good lord for concerned parents!. I live within a 2-hour drive of Springfield and I saw on one of their news stations How proud they were of hiring a black woman as superintendent of the Springfield school district. said she would bring " diversity" to the schools. Guess they were right.

  • It makes me angry when they cut them off like that. Two armed men accompanying her would ensure nobody snatch her away from the podium. We can't be reduced to 5 minute spots.

  • The sole purpose of "officials" is to shut down citizen communication and ram through globalist agendas.

  • A kid tried to commit suicide? How did I see that coming? Seriously, this CRT stuff needs to go.

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