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Why Online Elections Are Impossible to Secure
Dec 26, 2020

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  • Well done. But I would remove that pic of your ID. Ya never know whose out there to deal with the NWO opposition.

  • Now just imagine if a third party tried to step in on this DNC/GOP monopoly over politics. They'd never stand a chance through all the cheating.

    The only way to secure voting is to actually enforce the laws in the US. The past four have been a disgrace with letting people on the left literally get away with murder, and convicting people falsely on the right.

  • this is one of many instances where technology is not for the betterment of society. better to go back to paper ballot which can be verified and is much harder to fake than online. i, personally do as little as possible online except read. i was a cryptologist in navy and only place i could use my training was the nsa. i saw what they were doing in the 80's and it has gotten much worse since then. beware of the ones and zeros.

  • The real kicker is 'Mobile' devices. Guess which two companies own 90% of the mobile operating systems? If you answered Google and Apple you are correct. Because those two Communist/Globalist companies are untrustworthy in the extreme is just part of the problem. Where is the Identification Confirmation? Where is the Paper Trail? To both of those questions answer is: There isn't any.

  • It should be in person voting, on paper. And the virus is a huge scam. If it exists, which I am not convinced that it does, it is as worst a mild cold. The virus scamdemic is used: To help steal elections, kill small businesses forcing people to use the large corporations, kill jobs and increase dependence on the government and increase debt, remove personal freedoms making us more slaves to the government and large corporations and the people who control both of those, push the vaccines and tracking which increases the drug companies profits from billions a year to trillions a year as well as further reducing personal freedoms and safety as the vaccines are more dangerous than the cold virus they are to protect us from.

    Vote in person via paper. Get informed about the virus, vaccines, and masks...get informed about the scam Stop watching the legacy media, or at least include alternate sources in your viewing Boycott big business, start buying from local businesses Get educated about security and privacy. Stop using Google, Apple, Twitter, FaceBook, TicTok, Zoom, Whats App, etc. Move to alternates that promote personal security. DuckDuckGo, Linux, Telegram, Gab, Brave Browser, etc.

    Basically people need to get involved, get educated and informed. And look outside of the mainstream box.

  • With all due respect to the usefulness of technology, the credibility and guarantee of security is clearly NOT REALABLE.

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