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Episode • Satan Is Democrat (9/8)
Sep 08, 2021

The Bill Mitchell Show

Bill Mitchell is the CEO, Host and Founder of the YourVoice Network, Inc., the most influential...



In attempt to preserve abortion, Democrats turn to Satan.

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  • You're the best, Bill. So grateful for what you do.

  • Mormonism is not a Christian religion. It is a cult. Christianity = belief in the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

  • yes, absolutely... Democrats are very useful to/for Satan.

    more... One cant be #Christian & a (let alone #Vote) #Democrat NOT just about their #BabyKilling #Bloodlust #Democrats are #Socialists #JesusWasNOTASocialist #RedistributionIsNOTCharity "Each must give as Decided in Heart not reluctantly or compulsion" 2COR9:7 IRREFUTABLE details in: #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

  • lol olidelocks chomping the boomer clipped dicks

  • If Satan were a faggot it would look like you in that thumbnail.

  • I was raped as a teen, right after Roe v Wade came down. For years, I supported the rights of women to end a pregnancy because of what I had been through. My church and family would have kicked me to the curb if I had gotten pregnant. That was total bullshit on their part. We HAVE to be compassionate, we HAVE to EMBRACE THE BABIES of our unwed mothers or they will still feel pressured to end the pregnancy. My best friend and I used to fight about it. She said "Women will end up using this for birth control" and I told her no woman was that sick... She was right. I was wrong. Women will not only use abortion for birth control, they will use it for satanic rituals. Being older and wiser does not make any of it less horrifying.

  • I've been saying this for a long time. Satan liberated himself from God and thus liberalism was born. Everything God created liberalism attacks.

  • website sounds good. I like the chapter theme. I will be watching your vids here on Gab in support of the only social platform I use. Thanks for all the hard research and reporting. You looking good, stay well. these satanists/demoncrats make me vomit.

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