The Voice of the Prophets - Introduction
Oct 13, 2021

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This is the opening installment of our teaching series for Biblical year 5782. - What is a prophet of God? The modern usage of the word “prophet” leads us to believe that a prophet is one who tells or predicts the future. A prophet of God is one who speaks or sings by the inspiration of God! He or she delivers whatever message God inspires. By this definition, God’s instructions to Moses to “tell the people” put Moses in the role of a prophet every time he relayed what God told him to say. This included the instructions on how to observe the first Passover, when to leave Egypt, how to build the tabernacle, and how to bring an offering. None of these foretells the future although the instructions sometimes include a consequence if the instructions aren’t followed exactly.

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  • Study Questions

    1. God refers to Aaron as Moses’ prophet in Exodus 7:1-7. What was Aaron’s role as Moses’ prophet? How does this fit in generally with the role of a prophet?

    2. What type of message can a prophet bring?

    3. How does God speak to His prophets?

    4. Who are some examples of New Testament prophets?

    5. What does Paul say about the office of a prophet (1 Corinthians 14)? Do prophets exist today? If so, how would they be recognized?

    6. How did Yeshua fulfill the role of a prophet?

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