Feb 17, 2022

Just Joe Radio

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Journalist and videographer Lucca Corgiat of @Media2Rise stops by and we go over M2R's recent documentary on Waukesha and future prospects for Media2Rise. Also Canada declares war on it's own citizens, tranny demons attack GiveSendGo, butt-raping Beardsoy, JJR's OFFICIAL new 3rd co-host, and oh so much more. @JustMatty @DiggingDeeper

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  • I also joined the land of unemployment this week by choice, that and oilfield sucks beyond belief...

  • Seems like a performance. He probably did not do it. Probably unit 8200, just using those faggots for cover.

  • Chrystia Freeland stated "As of today, a bank or other financial service provider, will be able to immediately freeze or suspend any account". Here are three questions we should all demand answer to; 1) Why have they not done that in the past with all the drug cartels; 2) Why have they never used such capabilities to protect the children in the past; 3) Why did they not do this against the BLM / Antifa / RevCom terrorists?

  • Chrystia Freeland is an ironic name.

  • It said it is a "cyber terrorist".

  • You are correct. They might even eliminate them first, because they have revealed that they are traitors and have abilities to hack. Tie up loose ends.

  • That's a lesbian @ 42:10 . No? "Nothing scares me" when I'm a slave to CIA traitors whom are under control of their globalist commanders. Get on your knees and conform, then you too can have this power.

  • Nobody cares about Waukesha character. Unless, there is an indication he was an informant, wasnt really him that did it, or he was being mind controlled. He wasnt hitting everyone he could, missed several little girls. The Rittenhouse trial was weird, and so was this parade. Deep fake stuff going on.

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  • Not a lot of the brotherly love from the brothers. It was preached from the pulpit and taught by the state when the black man learned to hate.

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