May 01, 2022

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There's no easy or nice way to say it, we don't have time for that anyway, so I'll just come out with it. Your children and grandchildren are being sold into multigenerational debt slavery to prop up a jewish homosexual puppet administration that rules over a demonic pedophilic vice den in Eastern Europe. PedoBiden demands Congress allocate ANOTHER $33 billion taxpayer dollars to assist Ukraine. That's IN ADDITION to the $14.6 billion we've already given in less than 60 days. Worse yet, the funds he requests are for the expedited delivery of heavy weaponry and ammunition leaving NO DOUBT the United States has officially weighed into this foreign military conflict. Are you willing to sacrifice your progeny's future so a handful of offshore billionaire jewish oligarchs can continue their multinational sex trafficking and manufacturing of biological weapons?! Because that is what you're being asked to do

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  • not my fucking problem nor its going to be.

  • Ole Joe is fired the fffk up my Home Krakas. I like it. Good show.

  • Where's the Kitler vid? man I laughed so hard I about wrecked my truck

  • Please read my article "Escaping Debt Slavery" at - thanks in advance!

  • Recall Trump stated that when he took office he was told that the military was out of weapons and artillery. Then Trump immediately rearmed American military. Now Biden is giving it away and leaving our safety at risk. Same as when Obama did it to America.

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