JJR - 84 - Collaborating With Concannon
Nov 29, 2021

Politics, society, culture, current events and life experiences conveyed by a socially awkward,...


Anti-CRT Crusader and Professional anti-White Shitgoose Stomper Daniel Concannon @KeepNHGranite makes his return to JJR in grand fashion to weigh in on the anti-White Waukwesha Christmas parade massacre. After that we dig a little deeper into the Salvation Army's recently released 67 page anti-White screed and try to figure out what gay Santa Claus has to do with Norwegian mail delivery

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  • The Santa thing is so perverted and disgusting! Ugh!

  • I love your channel. The intro music is great.

  • Look at this article it says where not white were actually clear people. By the way we are discriminated against we can't get a job because is there us a different race applying for the same job they get the job no matter there qualifications. Just like government assistance like foodstamps if you are white which means clear apparently you get only $58.00 to $98.00 a month who can live on that. When your race is different race gets $250.00 to $800.00 a month. This is sad..

  • I will be trolling the bell ringers at the stores this season .

  • Love the intro music, who is it?

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