JJR - "Don't Get Brazen With Me!"
Nov 11, 2021

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Major fireworks in the courtroom of the Rittenhouse trial today! Defense calls for a mistrial with prejudice after prosecution violates Kyle's rights during cross examination as the judge EXPLODES on the prosecution for violating court rules and procedure. Also Kyle waves his 5th Amendment right and breaks down during testimony.

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  • The most mind-numbing fake music drowning for a longest couple of minutes at the beginning. Like everything else such choice of "music" carries certain meaning and the meaning is that an electric, mechanical, android sound is what you hear inside of your soul. When all hosts of all programs will be Artificial Intelligence -that will be their choice of music.

  • I like the judge. Come to find out he has heard the most cases in the state. He can wear an American flag tie anytime as far as I am concerned! Imagine, people had a problem with that? On Veteran's Day! I live in Ft. Lee NJ right on (1/4 mile) the GWB. I go state to state (NY) often, as do we all , in the metropolitan area around the city. How is it they keep mentioning "over state lines"? They aren't BORDERS, Now THOSE we could use. The prosecution is stretching so far for a charge to get Kyle on, they will pull muscles.

  • I haven't been able to watch the trial and appreciate your video and commentary! πŸ‘

  • Yeah this was good. Kept me engaged.

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