JJR - Hazard, KY High School Hosts Pedo Pageant
Oct 31, 2021

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American public schools have degenerated beyond the point of repair as the hyper-sexualization of children and emasculation of White males kicks into overdrive

A high school in Hazard,KY hosts "Man Pageant" during homecoming event complete with teen boys in lingerie grinding on their principal and adolescent girls in Hooters outfits serving fake alcoholic drinks

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  • You need to check out the cartoons that our children are watching. Plus the google patent for nuero stimulation combined with the cartoons is DISGUSTING! Poor kids cant develop normally.

  • Hey broseph your commentary really hit home on so many levels. When Mrs. Achmed and I were going through the foster parenting process, we were told we could not foster a female child unless we could guarantee that I would be chaperoned on all overnight visits - despite our 12 year old daughter living in the home. Since my wife was a nurse and occasionally worked the overnight shift we could not guarantee that I would be properly supervised. I pointed out that predators don’t only come out at night and that, generally speaking, pedophiles don’t usually have a strong gender preference. I also mentioned that there is no better way for a young girl to understand what a healthy relationship with an opposite gender adult is supposed to be than by witnessing one (as she would between my daughter and me). My reason and logic fell on deaf ears at the agency. Today, many years later, I am blessed to have 3 young men in my life (mid 20’s) who have taken me on as a surrogate dad/mentor. But getting there was tough as we had to navigate the treacherous vilification of white males that you described. Because there is always that specter of the evil pedophile lurking in the shadows, I remain cautiously and relentlessly transparent.

  • This shit ain't funny!

  • Glad to hear this guy talking just the way I would. The world and school is totally FUCKED !!!

  • Sick shit

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