JJR - Never Forget Waukesha
Nov 25, 2021

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Evidence continues to mount proving that the massacre at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin was nothing short of an act of Domestic Terrorism targeting White people that was only able to be carried out because our inept, corrupt, and anti-White justice system failed to protect society from Darrell Brooks and hold him accountable for his actions We MUST recognize what actually happened in Waukesha that day and never forget it. and we MUST NOT let the media hijack the narrative

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  • Hey Joe, like always great show. I was wondering can you post the whole show when you put out the replays. I don’t always get to listen the whole show live and look forward to catching what I missed the next day or so. Thx for all the hard work you put in.

  • It breaks my heart to agree with you sir. We are under attack, its time to admit this hard truth. I REFUSE to apologize for being born white. In fact, why would I? We don't choose the color of our skin. I have never considered my self prejudice but as I watch my race being mistreated it may be a natural outcome of it. I am finished giving "people of color" the benefit of the doubt, out of necessity, I must assume they want to harm me and my loved ones until they prove otherwise. Lesson learned. I hope me and mine don't quickly forget it.

  • When someone loses their 2nd Amendment rights due to a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence the law is they get 10 years automatic in federal prison. Interesting how that doesn't seem to apply to this anti-White terrorist.

  • uneducated inbred texas trash... propaganda shill for the gop demon deep state...

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