JJR - Santa Inc = Satanic
Dec 02, 2021

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HBO Max releases digusting and degenerate Christmas trash-film starring Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman featuring a plot that revolves solely around deridng, maligning, and replacing White men. The garbage is also clearly marketed to children despite being fraught with gratuitous cursing, references to porn, sexual organs, and drug use

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  • Santa is an anagram of Satan.

  • Did you see the rotten tomatoes score for the audience, its great 1% LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • miracle on 34th street, (think that is the right street number) is one that bring family and loving each other together, it is my go to movie when I can't get into a Christmas time mood, it just in a way shows the true meaning of Christmas, in a way that shows love is the heart of what Christmas was about-the love of baby Jesus and he teaching love

  • Silverman is disappointing. She's been canceled before and shit. I don't know why she so ignorant. I DID like the Sarah Silverman Program... When she tried being black and being homeless. A shame.

  • Another point... UGLY! I am so tired of every animated film featuring ugly artwork and hideous character designs. What happened to cute or pretty characters? Everything is just so ugly... Why would anyone even want to watch this?

    And yeah, the humor is dated teenage 90s. That's what all this "comedy" these days have been.

  • And Christmas Vacation.... I like that movie as it's family and Christmas. But even then... It's a dumb white guy who can't even hang lights and is a corporate slave. The precursor to our overt propaganda today.

    Spot on about The Santa Clause though.

  • Further, don't be mad at the demons and Satan corporate peddling this garbage. If people stopped subscribing and stopped watching, the dumb white folk mostly, this would be over. But they keep watching and giving their money so...

  • Agree about Hallmark. Only place for real Christmas movies. But same plot. That is fine though, I'm watching for Christmas. HOWEVER... Since last year they are featuring gays and other now. So I won't support Hallmark anymore.

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