Nov 23, 2021

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Days after being aquitted for murder Kyle Rittenhouse appears to offer tenative support for Black Lives Matter in an interview with Tucker Carlson, and people aren't happy. But is it really as bad as it sounds?!

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  • Kyle is correct when he said he supported blm but always remember he did it with 223/556 rounds. 😁

  • How does anyone know what he meant without asking him? Personally I think he meant that black peoples lives matter and not the movement.

  • He's being smart to get ahead of and establish his narrative before he sues the fuck out of EVERYONE.

  • Kyle is a BRAVE man. He has proven that beyond all doubt. Who CARES that he supports peaceful protest? He is not you or your agenda! He was very clear that this was about self defense. He is a HERO at 17/18 years old. None of you are.

  • Personally, I think Kyle should talk less and focus more on his lawsuits. I'm not going to let what he said on Tucker Carlson bother me. We already know that his lawyers are normie leftest so we shouldn't be surprised. I just want him win and live a good life.

  • So many stupid people can not see two seconds ahead in their life. Kyle's lawyer was present, and Kyle was schooled on what to say on most of it if not all. I do not think Kyle or his lawyer give two shits about the BLM and know they are trash. They are trying to avoid another Rodney King riot which was caused by the criminal media then and every black riot since. If stupid could fly most would be jets. Take your head out of your ass and think, but I know you can't and this is why your video.

  • it enraged me tbh

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