Jan 05, 2022

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"RECLAIM AMERICA!!" Since December's bold demonstration in the nation's Capitol, people have been asking "What IS Patriot Front?! Just who is this Thomas Rousseau?? What are these guys tryin' to prove?!" Mr Rousseau sits down and gives a frank account of just what Patriot Front is, the group's stated goals, preferred method of action, and plans for the future. Wonder and speculate no more. All questions answered. You can find out more about Patriot Front, offer support, and even apply to join at

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  • Hugely impressed. I was very skeptical of Patriot Front and Rousseau. At first look, I didn't like what they were doing.. What I really feel wrong about is that I paid any attention whatsoever to media reports. God. What a hypocrite I was. I've been at face value and looked very superficially into it Mr. Rousseau. I didn't know if they were compromised but someone was bound to get in needless

    His explanation of what they're doing makes sense to me. He seem genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of his people. With a group of white men, the media is totally irrelevant. I jumped to conclusions way too fast.

  • federal agent

  • Is he a man of action like he claims? He sounds more like a philosopher or politician. He isn't specifica or detailed on exactly what he does. Not that I want him to act.

  • One question. If pf is legit, why are they hanging out with jew liar and informant Mike Enoch Peinovic and everyone at trs covering up his lies.

  • These stupid intros are unnecessary and annoying as hell, at least keep them to 15 sec. Max. Go make a movie to express your creativity instead of torturing the people that thought they were going to listen to an interview. How effin long is this stupid thing

  • Excellent interview. I guess I will have to look more into PF and maybe Ill even join ranks if theyll have me

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  • Excellent video. Looking forward to the future of Patriot Front, and pro-white activism.

  • This interview convinced me to sub this channel. Thanks

  • What a banger of a show great job guys, hope you feel better soon Matty.

  • Congrats on getting T.R. - fascinating group

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