Jul 02, 2021

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Tech pioneer and C.E.O. Andrew Torba sits down with @JustMatty and myself for an in-depth conversation on Gab's creation, opposition, and future prospects. Also what the war over social means in the larger picture, Andrew's spiritual convictions and love of Christ

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  • I'm wondering how this conversation will age.

  • Learned some new things about gab, enjoyed the video guys. Thanks! 🐸

  • I also wanted to say i CANNOT wait for the gab economy to take off im going to be buying as much as i can from there and i started recording my voice i too want to be heard on here and will start posting eventually.

  • Divine intervention is real. God is real and don't let them hide them from you. I have bought gab pro and a shirt and hat we fund him not others lets fight the real fight and wake up.

  • I just realized. Andrew was a Z5O in his early days in tech. Z5O is an acronym for Zulu Five Oscar, a military call sign for an infiltrater/assassin. He infiltrated the inner circle of big tech, and now with GAB, he's about to assassinate them. Bravo Zulu Andrew! BZ- (Military for) Job Well Done.

    Great interview guys. My first watch, ah, listen, on

  • The GOP are the Washington Generals. Intended to lose before the game even starts.

  • Followed you for a while, but I’ve never tuned in before. Good show and you’re a good and engaging interviewer. Subbed, I’ll definitely be tuning in more often king.

  • Great listen. God Bless Joe and Torba. Our last refuge is in Christ

  • Thanks.

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