Feb 25, 2022

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The eyes truly are windows to the soul

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  • He looks like he's taking testosterone and likely antidepressants too. Looks a lot more masculine/bulked, not just fat, look at his neck and jaw line. He must be hoping the T will make him want women instead of men's buttholes. The antidepressants are what's making him look bloated/puffy with dark circles. The hormones messing with adrenal androgens and cortisol levels=water retention/bloat.

  • Who raped the little boys, you jew faggot?

  • Wait a minute, I've no doubt, that as an outspoken gay in Hollywood that he didn't see what he's saying. I'm pretty damn sure it happens. But, what about this other stuff? Is he trying to con the audience, again?

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  • You're all wicked sinners and if you got what you deserve you wouldn't like it

  • Excellent video clip, man. Succinct and powerful.

  • Wait…he’s claiming to have been a “practicing homosexual?”

    I was under the impression, and correct me if I’m wrong, that homosexuality was not a choice…so sayeth the myriad of folks in the media-scape.

  • The craziest part is that the richest and most powerful people in the world are partaking in these occult rituals. Why? Are they just doing it just because? No, these are doing it because that shit actually works as intended.

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