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If Your Not on Top of Your Prepping Game, Your in Trouble: Off The Grid Survival Tips
Oct 01, 2022


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Before a blackout!! Store energy from the grid in a battery with enough capacity to power essential devices and appliances for several hours. Batteries with around 500Wh of capacity will be enough for keeping personal devices charged, and those with around 3000Wh are better suited for several hours of using home appliances conservatively.

Will there be another blackout in 2022 like the Texas deep freeze?

Potentially, but of course, we won’t know when or where because massive power outages can occur when production doesn’t keep up with demand or the physical infrastructure fails.

With crazy winter storms cranking up consumption and droughts lowering hydropower production, only time will tell what 2022 has in store. One report estimates that over a third of Texas’ power needs won’t be met if winter weather gets severe enough. The forces of nature also put several other states at risk of not having adequate power.

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  • If you're now to broke too to spend beyond food for today, too bad. Many preppers forget and don't care. Like the globalists think, you won't be a ripple

  • Where are you at in Florida? I am up near Ocala Florida in Marion County.

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