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13 Year Old Boy Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine & Straight Pride Rules
Jun 21, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 06-21-2021 | 13 Year Old Boy Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine & Straight Pride Rules

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  • I've got a vax card but I'll NEVER get jabbed!

  • They were warned by what they call contheoracy speerists, so, Womp Womp...

  • A little while back Facebook removed 120,000 posts talking about the bad side effects of the covid vaccine. Now they are triing to go behind parents back and triing to talk their children in to taking the shot. Children servival rate is 99.977777 % so their is no reason for them to get it. This Vaccine is a Death Shot, it may help covid but shut down the rest of you immune down. Once you get the shot you are their syringe slave 4 ever.

  • Lambs to slaughter .. the jews walked into the showers ... BELIEF in government/ science is the dumbest religion!

  • This is too sad for words.

  • 2 people at my job were bed ridden for almost a week after getting their 2nd shots im sure there are more cases i am not aware of.

  • A friend of mine told me last week that his cousin (his roommate) had a complete liver/kidney failure and died last week. I asked if she received the vax and he said 'yes, several months ago'. I asked if she had been ill prior and he said, 'no', she was just fine. Move forward to this week, another friend asked if I knew anyone who could do some lawn care for a friend who just got out of the hospital. I contacted that friend who needed help and he stated he was released yesterday from the hospital from a complete kidney failure event and was bed-ridden. I asked if he had been vaccinated (his following reply was stunning, I think he thought I was worried about sending one of the kids over there if he hadn't been vaccinated) "oh yes, my entire family was several months ago, we even have our vaccination cards to prove it." I replied to him, you see any correlation between your kidney failure and the vaccination? He stated, "I hope not!" I didn't say anything further.

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