Aug 13, 2021

National File

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Reading between the lines in the Cathedral's latest pronouncement.

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  • AAARRRGHH!!! I WANNA PUNCH HIM IN THE NOSE! Getting Between me and my home!!

  • Hahahaha.. So he's going to personally call up the popo to have them pull me over and prevent me from crossing state lines? They're going to do that for 50% of the population? Hmmm, he keeps saying shit like this, and implying shit like this, but at the same time, he doesn't really want to say whether or not he thinks that we should have "vaccine passports"... How else are you going to verify whether or not someone has been vaccinated? Honor system? Heh, Joe Biden's bosses, like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi don't like the honor system, they want full on, Nazi style papers please registration.. lol

  • Bullshit....

  • biden's latest move is going to backfire much sooner. biden and harris could resign before an unauthorized election

  • ONLY THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEIR RIGHTS WILL BE 'BANNED' FROM TRAVEL. Learn your fucking constitution, bill of rights, and read some of the federalist/anti-federalist papers. You are only banned when you roll over and listen to a fraud - VOLUNTARILY

  • Has anyone kneeled during the "black national anthem"? That would be cool!! 😎

  • I would think that that would be a decoration of war again the citizens of the United States. The vaccines do not stop people from getting infected or spreading the virus so how can you punish the non vaccinated. The vaccine is harming and killing people who have been vaccinated and just because the government and media censor it does not make it true. This is then beginning of socialism and the control of the people through collectivism, that is sacrificing ones self for the whole. This needs to be stopped now!

  • They are going to beginning to rounding up all people who do not get the vax...starting with the elders, expanding to all ages, then to any who do not toe the Party Line. the Nazis did it . Germany did it. now....strip them down, loose all deadly 'in development' 'bugs' and watch us die. cremation.

  • Bans only work if idiots follow them. God Bless America, lick our butthole Pedo Joe 🔥🇺🇸

  • Considering the CDC has already admitted that the vaccinated are spreading the virus and that they are not immune and can still be infected and die just like the unvaccinated, i would say this propoganda doesnt really hold water.

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