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Biden Military Puts West Point Cadets In Solitary Confinement For Refusing COVID Vax
Jun 10, 2021

National File

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National File exclusively reports that Joe Biden's military is forcing West Point cadets who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine in a 7-day quarantine that looks a lot more like solitary confinement, with only one hour outside per day, if they refuse to take the COVID vaccine.

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  • Please send me a video when I'm able to stream it! Why Rumble flows and Gab Tv hu hu hu hu um um um...Sucks?

  • The military has locked up cadets and soldiers who refuse vaccines for over 50 years. It has nothing to do with Biden at all.

  • Oh Wow! Rather face solitary that be poisoned! Let’s support those folks!

  • Yes going on everywhere in military my nephew in Washington state there was about 10 soldiers who refused my nephew held or the longest he just got his second dose Friday he's devasted but if he didn't get it he wood of been confined to his tent they had him in because he wouldn't get the vaccine it was horrific for him

  • These men and woman need to rise up together and burn biden to the ground, shove the deals up ya arse. We are free people🖕🏻💩🤡👽

  • It is short-sighted for the Regime to persecute members of the military who do not want the vaccine. Do they think is going to help their recruitment efforts?

  • Keep refusing. Don't let them kill you. Let them kick you out.

  • Smith - Mundt Modernization Act

  • Criminals don’t even get solitary confinement


  • Why do we keep treating our service men and women as though they are the enemy. It's absurd and wrong. Then again they were treated with gratitude and respect when President Trump was in charge. Thank you President Trump.

  • They’re using the same tactics in CA prisons. No Day Room, no Yard, unless vaxed.

  • these two look like credible sources on the military - NOT!

  • The government can take their poisonous genetic booster and shove it up their sickos asses. Control freaks!

  • This is so sick! Unbelievable.

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