Jun 29, 2021

National File

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National File's Andrew White went behind enemy lines to Biden's home state of Delaware to ask local beach goers whether they got their vaccines.

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  • Should ask these people who got the jab how they know it was the real thing. More and more stories coming out on placebos being given. Frankly, since this is all in trial that makes sense, and it also makes sense why so many are not affected -- well, at least at the moment -- compared to the plethora of death, pain and suffering from the jabs.

    Months ago a health clinic came out with letter talking about this "mistake" of the placebo. It was just one, but I recall the letter was being sent to recipients of the jab to re-schedule their appointments to get new jabs. And now a lot of "placebo" stories are coming out from jab-givers at places like Walgreen's and CVS. Russian Roulette on every level.

  • I go where ever I want to and fully enjoy having NO Covid VACCINE poison in my system! Must suck to have to beg, and bargain against your life for a little bit of freedom! People in Delaware should move to America where we don't play that game!

  • Dude, everything about you says. "Ass-kicking Individual."

  • Fight back against the vaccine, we are all exempt. Share this across all of gab and get yourself and everyone you love a vaccine exemption card.

  • Those poor sheep with the vax will die.

  • Found a new favorite interviewer. That one dumb bitch who said she hopes she dies says it all.

  • My take: "Are you vaccinated?" "Are you sterilized?" "..." "Don't ask me invasive medical questions and I won't ask you any, deal?"

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