Aug 17, 2021

National File

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Jeff Younger is the father of James Younger, the little boy in Texas who set the Internet on fire when he said his mother wants him to be a girl. Now, a judge has given the mother custody, and Texas Republicans are doing nothing to help. Plus, the latest on the devastating fall of Afghanistan.

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  • Sad. Sad from the beginning. The first mistake was surrogacy, which devalues and desecrates the human person and conception of life, separates the intimate marital act from conception. Not to mention all the other embryonic life that usually dies in such procedures before one is successfully emplanted, so the son's very life was at the expense of his unborn siblings. When man takes God's role into his own hands, it is always through sin. So your child was conceived by his father masturbating into a cup, and then a paid woman acts no better than a beast and rents her womb or sells her eggs. Now that child gets castrated and turned into a victim. Colossal tragedy from the beginning.

  • Can we make the correct diagnosis? There is a demonic stronghold that is sacrificing this child. The CPS-Judge alliance is so powerful that only the blood of Jesus can destroy them.

  • Abbot must be a homosexualist as well. What other conclusion can there be?

  • Pray for this man and his child.

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