Nov 16, 2021

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Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) posted a meme video that made establishment Republicans and cancel culture-loving Democrats furious. The video has since been pulled from Twitter, but National File obtained a copy of the original.

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  • WTF? Irritating MTV editing and confusing anime that you have to watch a dozen times slow motion to figure out. Maybe.

  • Apparently he kills AOC and some others from fifty four seconds to one minute ten seconds, roughly.

  • It's funny every time I watch it

  • That's not exclusive. He shared the meme. It's all over the internet lol

  • Listen, if you don't get it, it's because you are not a man or woman of culture. If, however, you were able to sing along, this was pretty 🔥🔥🔥.

  • WTF did i just watch. they censored him for this shit? it doesn't even make sense. maybe that was the whole joke, to get them to censure something as dumb as this. Also, let's be honest, this guy can't meme. Leave the memes to us young man.

  • While it wasn't great I didn't see anything that multimillionaire politicians should be crying over... Bunch of fucking babies.

  • Thank you. This was a video that was for some reason very hard to find. I could find two dozen videos talking about it but not the actual video itself.

  • Well that was dumb.

  • Very laggy.

  • pure propaganda fake news... gosar is demon pedo deep state totalitarian chinese shill... just like trump... the gop is such dumb inbreeds its epic... yeah notice the arizona flag looks like asian flags... the gop is the dumbest inbreeds ever... you still think there are wmd's in iraq and still listen to all the liars who said it... the gop and the gop state run media...

  • For those who are out of the loop, this video is a parody of the first intro to the anime adaptation of the manga series, "Attack on Titan". The song is titled, "Guren no Yumiya". I would definitely check out the anime itself. It is very based, just like this meme.

  • Is there any way to add English translation subtitles to figure out what this is all about? Thank you.

  • Paul Gosar is one of the few politicians that truly “get it.” We are descending into a multicultural dystopia as portrayed in the great novel “Fateful Destiny: An Epic Struggle to Change the Course of American History”. Highly recommended:

  • Well, I don't speak Japanese.

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