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Faith In Joe World Order Collapses As Media, Dems Bail On Biden
Sep 03, 2021

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It appears Democrats and their allies in the media are starting to realize just how toxic Joe Biden is, and only now realize they have to make this work for another three years. As a result, they can't keep their story straight on anything, from inflation to COVID to Afghanistan.

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  • Joe isn't doing anything. This is an Obama/Soros regime, which is IslamoMarxist. Pull back the curtain and name who is deconstructing the country.

    Defund the US police so the Taliban can put in Sharia enforcement here. We are part of the way there with masks.

    The reason it is happening fast is because this has been a long time plan that got interrupted by Trump.

  • CHARLES SCHWAB is demented. His wish is not my command. God wins this war and that demon is going to die - count on it. The White Hat Alliance knows very well what this being is and whom he works for [Satan]. His days are numbered - just as Jacob Rothschild was 'sacrificed'.

  • In an ideal encyclopedia, that thumbnail picture of Biden would be referenced under the article, "Demonic Possession."

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