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Globalist Narratives Collapse While They Play Pretend
Aug 26, 2021

National File

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Globalist narratives on Afghanistan, COVID-19, January 6, and so much more are collapsing, but rather than taking a hard look in the mirror, the so-called elite are driving forward with new narratives that are even harder to believe.

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  • are you forgetting the Taliban was the elected govt before you lot expelled them like what was done to I remember when the US administration was courting the Taliban party in NY UNTIL SOME WOMEN REPORTER SAID THEY ARE MAKING WOMEN WHERE THE BURKA'S...This was because the Russian soldiers were raping the beautiful northern afghan women and the ugly they said where they burka and the Russians will have to lucky dip/

  • Australia was light years behind in vaccination rates because we refused the astra by august less then 5% was vaccinated....USA AND UK is miles ahead.

  • Hospitals will become secure prisons like dry docked they held convicts years ago...there will be an incident....we don't know exactly what the queensland camp is....they are making it seem like people who fly in go to the site...but the airport nextdoor suggest that box cars would give it away..australia.

  • Kill me but don't call me a racist!

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