Harry Dunn's Sniffling testimony Gets Scrutinized
Jul 28, 2021

Description | NFTV | 07-27-2021 SHOW SHORT | Harry Dunn's Sniffling testimony Gets Scrutinized

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  • this Harry Dunn proves he is straight out a liar, he is a disgrace to all black Americans, this wussie should hide his face in shame

  • He's lying thru his teeth! Joke of a police officer.

  • He is a damn liar.

  • I can't watch this. It would be like watching gay porn or child porn. It's sickening and wrong.

  • I do not believe that I have EVER seen a pink MAGA shirt. This guy is a BLM activist, which therefore means he is a Marxist and now he has shown that he is a bald-faced liar. "I am a law enforcement officer" he says. Listen pal, you are a glorified security guard. If you and your cohorts were real cops, this mess would have never happened. You and your pals wouldn't make a PIMPLE on a REAL cops ass...

  • Is this one of those cross dressers Democrats keep whining about?

  • LMAO. He’s a 🤡

  • Oh no! How dare they call him a NAME? He's never been called a NAME before as a law enforcement officer?

    This candy ass "nigger" doesn't deserve a uniform and is a disgrace to this country. End of story.

  • These cry babies are obviously (dis)Honor Graduates of Snowflake University School of Really BAD Acting!

    I can't believe these weenies call themselves Federal Law Enforcement Officers. & cost the Tax Payers $400,000,000 per year to snivel.

  • Who cares if this Nigger is offended?

    Fuck this nigger!

  • This “commission” is no different than the Stalinist trials. We are witnessing the communist takeover of America

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