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HOWLEY EXCLUSIVE: Audit Fever Sweeps America
Jun 11, 2021

National File

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Patrick Howley takes over for Friday's broadcast. Nine states are watching Maricopa County's audit today in hopes of repeating the process in their own.

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  • so let me get this straight, the state where the CORRUPT GOP DEEP STATE JOHN MCCAIN CONTROLLED AND STILL DOES, is the state who is giving the "GOLD STANDARD" of "AUDITS"??? laughable at best... but then NAT FILE is just another mocking bird media GOP PROPAGANDA SHILLS "NEWS" site... lmao its a shill site... Kelli ward is not trustworthy and has connections to the evil people in JOHN MCCAINS AZ... Also, this is the first audit ever and is done by the first guys who were partisan and think trump won and dont care if they cheat to get him in just the same as the dems cheated... So this first audit is the "gold standard" for audits already?? thats amazing... thats like going to NY, TX, FL, CA for a "GOLD STANDARD" of "audits"... lmao you morons are being played by LOW IQ CONMEN AND SHILLS... evil deep state trash trolls... i laugh so hard at how dumb you peasants are...

  • cant wait for the results. lefty minds blowing up coming in galore.

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