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Is Your Pro-Trump Friend A Fed?
Jun 23, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 06-23-2021 | Is Your Pro-Trump Friend A Fed?

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  • Sue the FEDS for a Civil Rights Violation of the Equal Rights Protection Clause of the 14th Amercement that guarantees equal treatment of citizens by the government. We need a 100 BILLION Class Action Lawsuit and we need to start it now.

  • I do my best to hide my data and maintain my privacy on line using a VPN and not using any of the major web browsers.

  • The term Karen was already flying across the internet in 2019. .. Before COVID-19 made its way to the USA in 2020. .. But hey, I remember watching the news around December 12-13 2019 & hearing that the 1st man, a Doctor, that caught the COVID-19 at his Wuhan lab, had died. .. Then came the Impeachment Circus & nobody gave a schiff about some commie Chinaman & his bug. .. Christmas 2019, New Years 2020, Impeachment goes to the Senate & a cruise ship gets halted off the Leftist Coast. .. Suddenly China no longer created the Kung Flue in the lab that it broke out in, in Wuhan & self appointed stalkers, or some such, were reporting people that stepped outdoors far any reason without a passport from their Governor. .. The WHO is discovered to be getting the greater portion of its funding from the CCP, so we send the WHO to Wuhan to make a report about a wet market. Summer can be felt in the breeze, a junky OD's while the officer that didn't know he should be trying to save his life takes the rap & then Confederate, Revolutionary War & even statues of the man that discovered flying saucers coming out of the Atlantic on his way to mistakenly be acclaimed as the discoverer of America, get torn down all across our country. .. While young punks that were never spanked as children begin to form their own little states with a state while America burns & treasonous criminals prepare to pull a Coup on election day. .. I guess a Karen went from a blond woman with a bob that always needs to call on the manager to fix her order & her bill to this supposed NAZI Karen that you didn't need to describe. . For, we do all know her as well..

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