Jun 21, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 06-21-2021 | Juneteenth Celebrations Turn Violent Across America As Republicans Attempt To Make It Sound Like Their Idea

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  • This is the norm in those cities tbh

  • The pro lifer Republicans are to blame.Over 70% of blacks are nothing but our governments failed diversity eperiments.There should be plannedparenthood clinics on every block in cities

  • What a marvelous second video it is..

    Just what we all go to the zoo & pay our way in to hopefully see... Animals performing sexual acts for the public, NOT.

    Thankfully, when I took my baby girl to ride the elephants in Nashville, back in 1993, the animals in the cages were not so obscene as these POSers.

  • June 19 1865 is not the day that slavery was ended in the United States. These people just go to show their further ignorance by coming up with another incorrect date. Try looking into December 6 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified, Then did Biden's home state of Delaware end slavery, 6 months later, but not by choice. For Delaware refused to ratify for another 35 years, February 12, 1901.

  • Gives me something else to boycott and have nothing to do with

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