Jun 21, 2021

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The first federally recognized Juneteenth was marked by celebrations that turned into riots and massive brawls in at least two cities, and some practitioners say white people shouldn't even be allowed to celebrate it. Plus, what the hell is going on with anti white Critical Race Theory?

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  • Please show more Lauren Witzke.

  • Juneteenth 😂 wtf is this country coming to ! This is America 🇺🇸 and the black people have never been slaves and we’ve never owned slaves and when the war happened years ago the white people fought and died to make them free and now hundreds of years later are acting like we did it today

  • Video isn't working....

  • this country is fucked beyond belief.

  • WOW, #FASCICRATS at it again. #Juneteenth could have been a good thing, teaching about ABOLITIONISTS and REAL HISTORY! But, of course, the Left only wants to USE IT to HYPE UP SOME FOLKS for divide and conquer reasons all about FASCICRATS POWER AND CONTROL, and as many people they can hoodwink to Vote them that POWER! more/related:

  • Funny, don't you dare mention any stereotypes but, yet, these fools perpetuate some of the sterotypes #morons

  • What do you expect from people who destroy their own neighborhoods when they get angry? As to not being allowed to celebrate "Juneteenth"? Why would I want to? "Critical race theory" is simply the first step in the attempt by American blacks to institute a reverse apartheid.

  • Jewnteenth is all about screwing over the European American people

  • Typical monkeying around.

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