Aug 04, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 08-04-2021 | Leftists Want You Literally Imprisoned For Refusing COVID Vax

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  • I am not getting that vaccine. I'm 50 yrs old and I have advanced Multiple Sclerosis. One of the side effect of my condition is that it super jacks the immune system to the point it actually attacks your own body, so COVID wouldn't last long if i realized I had it at all. I was tested in April and didn't have it during the height of the 1st pandemic scare. And I spent a week in the hospital to boot. So if for some reason I get the Hung Kung Fluey and it kills me It's doing me a damn favor.

  • I don't know anyone who has gotten COVID yet, so it must be spreading slowly. Plus, I have heard half a dozen doctors explain that HCQ and several other drugs treat the disease very well making it non-fatal in 99.98% of the cases. So why would someone want to pump a vaccine into their body that has proved to be dangerous to so many people? They wouldn't if they had half a brain. Yes, only half a brain. Imagine what those with a WHOLE brain think... They wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

  • I look at it this way. It has been 18 months, I have either already gotten the virus and it was so mild I never realized I had the Wuhan Virus, or I have some kind of natural immunity. You are entirely correct it is about control. No one has ever carried a card that says they got the yearly flu shot, no one ever carried a card that said they got the Polio vaccine which is one of the deadliest and debilitating viruses on the planet!!!

    We are being lied to constantly. Someone who is immune to a virus can not shed a virus their immune system killed and infect someone else. How does a dead virus shed off someone and infect another person if it is dead? Now if someone was given a "vaccine" that produces live viruses (which is what this "vaccine" does to supposedly provoke an immune response) then the "vaccinated" are going to be constantly shedding live viruses that infect not only the "unvaccinated" but the "vaccinated" too. Now do you see why they are saying vaccinated people still have to wear masks and social distance, but blame it on the unvaccinated. The "vaccinated" are nothing but virus producers and when the "vaccinated" start getting sick you have to blame it on someone.

  • Put some separation between yourself and the blue background to add some depth to the shot, it will look better. And warm up the color - your skin tone looks colorless, while the background is radiant blue. Work on the white balance / color and add some depth.

  • We want leftists imprisoned, for that very shit. Now what? Make it happen.

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