No White Men Allowed In Banking, Apparently
Jul 26, 2021

Description | NFTV | 07-26-2021 | No White Men Allowed In Banking, Apparently

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  • In Dallas, it's HIGHLAND PARK. Also, interesting is many of the "allies" are being threatened by this group, run by the secretive and alleged white woman Michele Washington, with having their names published as refusing to personally and publicly sign the promise. These are the CEO's of large and powerful corporations and I suspect they will have hired attorneys to go after this organization for fraud and extortion. As for the internship program, this kind of thing has been going on for years. My daughter and son both applied for the same type of banking internship. She was accepted, he was not. Her degree is in Dance, his is in History. He actually had a higher GPA. Denial of that internship, which his sister rejected, prevented him from gaining necessary contacts and skills to move into the corporate world. He now manages an Audi part department for a car dealer. We would've been better off spending the same money to teach him to be an electrician or diesel mechanic.

  • Who has money? Sign up, get discriminated against...sue. Get rich. Why isn't someone doing this right now?

  • It's open war on us. And still we do nothing.

  • If this was a conservative bank banning minorities a loan, they would be shut down and in prison.

  • I worked as a bilingual bank teller at Wells Fargo. One of the customers I was translating for asked me why she had so many accounts open that she did not ask for. The banker that I was translating to from the customer suddenly got super nervous and said he didn’t need my help anymore.

    The manager of that bank then began harassing me so badly and writing me up daily that I finally quit.

    Several years later I found out Wells Fargo was opening accounts without people’s permission.

    Every single customer that I translated for was treated like crap by this manager and she would get really upset with me when they were told how many accounts this manager opened without their permission.

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