Jun 21, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 06-21-2021 | Now We're Not Supposed To Notice CRT Is Anti-White

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  • I also think CRT'ers forget that over 90% of White-black crime is committed by blacks so who's actually harming who!? somebody needs to ask them that

  • Systems are designed to oppress,it's just what they do but the bleedingheart types get to overly sympathetic

  • Men hating gender deviants who are most always fat as fuck and pig ugly poltical correctness is a woke control mechanism and i say ive had a belly full of this BSCRAP

  • She's a fat stupid grifting pig. How she managed an audience no one knows.

  • Blacks evolved their skin colour to survive being naked in the tropics where too much sunlight would cause cancer and their deaths (the fact that they were running around naked is reported by the Chinese when they first discovered Africa and by history and observation). Whites evolved their skin colour to absorb the necessary sunlight to survive at high latitudes. You won't get rid of whites because any group that moved to high latitudes would evolve white skin. Blacks didn't have to plan ahead more than a few days, so they didn't evolve the sort of brains that are forward-thinking, but the climate forced the whites to do exactly that. This is why the whites are smarter than the blacks, and it's forced on people by nature (climate). Science is against CRT.

  • Well in a way, he's right... Though it's only because journalists are doing what they do best... By, when they can, saying technically true words that are completely missing context and twisted.... Because really the words "CRT isn't anti-white" can be twisted into being true if you twist it to mean "CRT isn't JUST anti-white".... Because CRT really is anti all races, and will do harm to race relations of all kinds and not just against white people... But that being said, CRT is absolutely, 100% anti-white... And if you want examples of what CRT will do to relations with other races, just look at some of the examples of attacks against asian people here in the US... A damn LOT of the suspects in those cases were black, funny enough... Yet media is marching around claiming that "white supremacy" is to blame for it...

  • Borsyenko is right. Critical Race Theory is racist against all races, even black.

  • Why are those woketards so fatugly? πŸ€”

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