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REVENGE OF THE BUGS: Massive Cicada Attacks Joe Biden
Jun 10, 2021

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The liberals want you to eat the bugs, and apparently in revenge, the bugs want to eat Joe Biden.

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  • 'Bugs' Bunny! The Crimeander and Thief strikes again...!! Or should i say the Cicada strikes again. There has never been a case of a Cicada biting a human being till now. Then again Joe is an exception to what a human is...

  • Seriously with technology, they have the ability to make a bug weapon, or device etc. If I was president I would want them taking it seriously, inspecting it to ensure its a normal biological insect. I'd have my people carrying spectrometers, magnets, bug scanners etc. I find it odd no one ever assists him or even flinches when he stumbles, they just watch, like they do not care about him one bit. It's really really strange.

  • The monkey survived a ship sinking, made it to shore then was killed by the inhabitants, as they never saw a monkey before and thought it was a disguised enemy combatant. I guess they wish to do the same thing again, proving history gets repeated by those who do not know it.

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