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Vaccine Narratives Change As Fast As They're Written
Aug 24, 2021

National File

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Description | NFTV | 08-24-2021 | Vaccine Narratives Change As Fast As They're Written

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  • It is not COVID in this case, either, but COVID 19. It is COVID only if you're influenced by the Lame Stream media. This is nto a Vaccination but is an INOCULATION of gene code serum.

  • Vaccine narrtives? I hope you guys will coninue to inform the public that this is not a truie vaccine. You can see what I mean from our medical community Dr Hotize correctly explain why it is nt. He is on Rumble or Brandnewtube where you can look for him as "Dr Hotze" and the video will be here. there is scientific literature discourse on Gene therapies & gene modigying serums, and the way this modified mRNA is designed, is a gene modifying or genetic engineering. Thi s is NOT "the Vaccine" but just as i've explained abive.

  • What's with the all the bullshit about Nazi Germany? You have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Good info brother thanks.

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