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Vaccine Worship And January 6 Fear Narratives Crumble Under Weight Of Biden's Incompetence
Sep 23, 2021

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An FDA goon ruined whatever was left of the vaccine narrative in a video released last night, and a DC Judge struck a major blow against the January 6 narrative by releasing never-before-seen security video that shows... People wandering aimlessly through the Capitol.

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  • I would like to see Lt Col Allen West become Governor of Texas

  • Hiii Do you want weight lose fast

  • The ONLY reason legacy media is now "interested" in the J6 defendants is consistent with every other time over the last ~6 to 8 years when from time to time appeared defending Trump or opposite whatever leftist ideology. You can also look to the few times for example when New York Times suddenly broke some major scandal. They obviously learned something making them certain truly damning evidence is going to be made available. Since we know the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and IMO we will have a crap ton if not all surveillance video released which could show manipulation, cooperation, or something we haven't thought of yet but it seems to pose a threat to a particular narrative. My guess is people from both parties, various agencies, etc have some degree of anxiety keeping so many spinning plates that should one of the bigger heavier plate slip it could crash into others. I wouldn't be surprised to even see something so ludacris like a buzzfeed article defending the J6 political prisoners. Don't let any of it fool you or bias other things. They likely are concerned about something so to either lessen the blows will try to get ahead of the narrative while slowly dripping whatever damaging info to make its impact small. The other possibility is one large piece of evidence which can't be slowly dropped but has potential for real damage in which case they need to steer the narrative by obfuskating certain details and assigning false value to key details. Basically this is SOP for some time now. It's how truly damning things can be reported truthfully while protecting the Pelosis/McConnells/Bushs/etc occasionally throwing the random underling in the coliseum to keep Nero entertained and prevent the people from demanding those accountable who truly are.

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