Why Are Trump, Republicans Pushing Us To Vaccinate Against The Cold?
Jul 21, 2021

Description | NFTV | 07-21-2021 | Why Are Trump, Republicans Pushing Us To Vaccinate Against The Cold?

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  • Fox is 30%-40% funded by the pharmisutical companies

  • This guy is a fucking Idiot

  • It's time to forget about Trump and move on. He was owned by Big Pharma before his inauguration (which Pharma contributed a million dollars to). He is not going to save anybody. He did some good things, but he is a traitor to humanity with regard to this killer vaccine.

  • I did research on not on google !! Scary to get it ! Hell no

  • Bitch virus

  • I agree with you 100%. I’m just amazed at the stupidity of people and they rejection of real science. Ignore the deaths and the lifelong side effects of this jab and keep pushing. I’m sick of evil. Jesus is coming back to get His bride very soon! The stage is being set for the last Anti-Christ to step in and save the day. They are conditioning people to take the mark without question. Sick.

  • What exactly is..remdesver- that Trump was given..(is that the correct spelling)..not a vax..? Is it like Ivermectin...?

  • And the SDS of the jab is where?


  • This should be common sense.

  • I’m 68 had the virus, was very sick for 3 days. I will not take the jab, I have gone into anaphylactic shock from a flu vaccine and my son almost died from DPT vaccine these were both FDA approved.

  • I caught the stupid thing. Then 9 mild to moderately unpleasant days later I got over it. I worked every day but day 4. It was the only day it actually knocked me on my ass.

  • I'm a 63 year old fat man who had covid I had a little cough I stayed home 2 weeks lifting weights and welding up more stuff for my covid lock down gym set. to be fair I take anything for nitric oxide C,D zinc boron. I work at a walmart most of us have had this shit and we were forced to mask. some of the younger people got it worse then me. soooo just take the same shit I take you will be fine

  • Spot on. Al vaccines are crap, poisons. Designed to kill

  • Great episode Tom

  • Trump was the one who signed off and brags about Warp Speed giving mad scientist Billions to do it and morons want him back while it should be they all must be replaced clean up DC Top Down and leave no one in office

  • I don't want to be around the Vaccinated anyways so let them party until they drop and it won't be long before they do

  • 30 years ago I cured myself of terminal cancer, they wanted to cut my chest open to insert a tube in my vein for the chemo because "the chemo you need is too harsh to be in your arm veins it would burn them out. they said the chemo might give me 6 more months to live. Yeah right like I'm going to go through that for maybe 6 more months? Well I went home to die but a friends father who knew me came to visit giving me a book called Back to Eden. It said if I ate this natural whole foods veggie diet and drank this herb tea it would cure me of cancer, I tole my wife, what do I have to lose, I'm just sitting around waiting to die anyways. It took a couple of months and I was feeling more healthy and better than I'd felt since I was in the army. That was 30 years ago, now age 68, no meds notta. no doctor notta, haven't seen a doctor since my last work physical in 2013. Been studying health and healing now for 30 years, was calling COVID certificate of vaccination ID since March of 2020. Blocked by some people on gab for it, many hate my ama rockefeller crime family attacking ass. But if you need any advice about health I'm here for you. Have a garden too, like growing my own food, Work a couple days a week mowing the grass on a golf course out here in the country on the Kansas Prairie.

  • Yep don’t trust my dr. or the government’s aggressive effort to jab us all. Something is just not quite right with their pushy efforts.


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