Jul 21, 2021

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Description | NFTV | 07-21-2021 | Why Are Trump, Republicans Pushing Us To Vaccinate Against The Cold?

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  • Dr Stella is NOT a south african witch doctor. She is a board certified physician just like all of the American frontline drs who were aggressively censored last year. Now they are helping people get treatment from there own platforms free from the government tyrants with lawsuits in tow.

  • In my college years I worked in a FDA lab in DC assaying drugs. FDA is a political machine that runs on Drug Company money...I do not trust any thing they do or say to the public...Good people were working with me on the bench but the management took our results and massaged them until Pfizer, Merc, and the Big Boys were happy....Small pharma companies were out of luck...If their drugs failed a test they were out of business...

  • Don't get on the train! #getonthetrain

  • The American vaccines are bioweapons that cause blood clots and weaken your immune system. Do not take the experimental vaccine.

  • Virology is a religion, not a science. There is no viral 'evolution' happening, just more toxic levels and substances degrading health and provoking the body into different crisis modes in its attempt to normalize and rid itself of all this, just as it should!. There is no delta, alpha etc, "variants" just computer modelling BS. SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated and shown to be the cause of any illness. That is, the gold standard for determining an infectious agent, Koch Postulates, has never been conducted to prove the claim that a virus is to blame. The theory of virology needs critical examination because not only is the evidence in support of it flimsy, it downright falsifies the theory. Look to the work of Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Robert O. Young, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Stefan Lanka, and a great many other health professionals whose video presentations can be found on Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble, since not much is left uncensored on YouTube (which would be a clue). Germ vs Terrain theory is a debate from the turn of the century that was fraudulently resolved in favour of the budding pharmaceutical industry before it grew into the behemoth of a cartel it is today. A key point is not to be distracted by the equally bankrupt notion that a bioengineered "virus" escaped from the Wuhan Lab because even if you accept that as true, it has been an unmitigated failure in itself as evidenced in the total death statistics before the clot shot roll-out No, the real 'pathogen is the "vaccine" amongst other highly inappropriate treatments and non-treatments for what is essentially influenza along with the body's possible interaction with radio frequencies, especially now 5G up in the 40 - 60 GHz range. The health of many is compromised by poor diet, lack of essential minerals and vitamins, sedentary lifestyles within a toxic environment, all of which can be reversed given the will, wisdom and knowledge to do so.

  • Is this derpy guy qualified to advise on antibodies? This doesn't sound very scientific at all lol.

  • It's more than a "bitch virus". It is a bioweapon and has neurological and reproductive side effects but this vaccine is WORSE. Ivermectin and other therapeutics are essential. This is not just the "FLU" just like SARS (2003), and MERS (MIDDLE EASTERN RESPIRATORY SYNDROME) were not either. The vaccine is using the messenger RNA platform to mass collect data, create a slew of vaccines for HIV, Malaria, and numerous Coronavirus strains. The reason not to take the 'vaccine' is that it is a NON-STERILZING VACCINE. When someone catches say Chicken Pox or takes a convention vaccine of a weakened or dead virus to generate immune response and subsequent antibodies. Also antibodies are not the ONLY thing that matters. Healthy people have T-CELLS. These attack foreign bacteria, viruses, etc. People taking thise vaccines are going to destroy their immune systems and cause 'vrus escape' and enable variants to spread this shit around. Unvaccinated people are the SAFEST to be around. GIGAOHM BIOLOGICAL - THE TRUTH IS HERE ---->

  • Really goes to show how much Tucker Carlson does not belong on Fox News. Makes me wonder what he'd actually be willing to say if he had his own online program and you know he could afford to it.

  • A point:

    There is no such thing as "the science". The article "the" denotes that there is only one of a thing, but science thrives on disagreement. Astrophysics is a science, molecular biology is a science, BUT they have nothing to do with each other. There can never be "the science" the correct term is science

  • Lookup: VAERS

  • I will NOT take the Wuhan Flu "vaccine", nor any other vaccine. As I am a veteran, I had a world-wide mobility commitment, and I was vaccinated for who-knows-what every month or two.

    I went to a new university for grad school, {got me a PhD in Mathematics} and the university required me to take vaccinations for "the standard things" , then I "got" Guillain-Barre shortly thereafter.

    After I recovered, my doctor at the time told me to NEVER take ANY vaccine for THE REST OF MY LIFE, or I would risk getting Guillain-Barre again.

  • The MAIN problem is the current covid test is it cannot show the difference between covid and the flu! Who died from the flu and who died from covid? THEY DON'T KNOW!

  • Fox is 30%-40% funded by the pharmisutical companies

  • This guy is a fucking Idiot

  • It's time to forget about Trump and move on. He was owned by Big Pharma before his inauguration (which Pharma contributed a million dollars to). He is not going to save anybody. He did some good things, but he is a traitor to humanity with regard to this killer vaccine.

  • I did research on not on google !! Scary to get it ! Hell no

  • Bitch virus

  • I agree with you 100%. I’m just amazed at the stupidity of people and they rejection of real science. Ignore the deaths and the lifelong side effects of this jab and keep pushing. I’m sick of evil. Jesus is coming back to get His bride very soon! The stage is being set for the last Anti-Christ to step in and save the day. They are conditioning people to take the mark without question. Sick.

  • What exactly is..remdesver- that Trump was given..(is that the correct spelling)..not a vax..? Is it like Ivermectin...?

  • And the SDS of the jab is where?

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