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Why Did Matt Gaetz and MTG Vote To Make 'Juneteenth' A Federal Holiday?
Jun 17, 2021

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For some reason, the majority of Republican House Representatives - including Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene - want to celebrate "Juneteenth" every year, even though only 7% of Republican voters agree. Plus, Biden's cringe tier meeting with Putin went somehow worse than expected, unless you listen to the establishment media, in which case it was AWESOME! Plus, an update on Tucker Carlson taking on the deep state.

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  • MTG/Gaetz...stupidity....incompetence.....ego....self centered? dam....we need to unite and make America Great again!

  • Why now? Marjorie and Matt were threatened. By whom? I think we know who made her apologize.

  • I think you are the closest thing to Limbaugh. Not as funny, but good points.

  • I believe making 'Juneteenth' a holiday was in Trump's "Platinum Plan' he got passed before his was reelected, then stolen. Probably why they voted for it. However it should be called "The day Republicans fought the Democrats to free the Democrats slaves.

  • I am curious how the Native Americans feel... They were the real group of people who got royalty screwed, didn't they? We took their land, killed majority of them, and pushed to the mountains.

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