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Dr Mark Mcdonald - Covid & The United States Of Fear
Feb 17, 2022

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia

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Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast Dr Mark Mcdonald is joining us. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mark McDonald, author and publisher of dissident MD, graduated from UC Berkeley before attending medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Trained in both adult and child adolescent psychiatry.

At UCLA, he now works primarily with children in private practice in West LA, Doctor McDonald has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and Central America. His opinions on topics such as the need to reopen America schools and the pandemic of fear in the United States have been widely published.

In local and national news, including the Wall Street Journal and the Federalist, in 2021, he published his first book, United States of Fear, how America fell victim to a mass delusional psychosis for all available books written by Doctor McDonald. Visit his website at

Dr McDonald also publishes a podcast with Dr Jeff Barke called informed dissident. I hope you enjoy this most interesting conversation with Doctor Mark McDonald on the naturally inspired podcast. Please welcome Dr Mark Mcdonald to the Naturally Inspired Podcast.

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