Jan. 6th - Possible FBI False Flag? | Nick Di Paolo Show #560
Jun 23, 2021

In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of...


Rotten Peaches In Georgia… “Tuna Free,” Tuna Sandwich… Libs Eating Libs…

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  • Too many people are are offering false hope. Some of them are controlled Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon. You must question their motives..... and Trump's motives. Trump had every opportunity to stop the steal before it happened.... and after it happened. He did neither. He chose to meekly walk away. Why??

  • H I live the fact that Demorats believe that importing millions of Latinos from south America will give them a new voter base because Black Americans are awake to their fraud but what these fools don't even consider is they will soon be talking to American Latinos who will inform them they came to the same party they just ran from and will Never Ever vote for anything resembling Socialist/Communist values and I would say after having to eat Dogs and Cats to keep from Starvation will surely remind them they want no part of it and the evidence is what the South Florida Cuban Americans told them in 2020 they have lived through this before and see it and will never vote that way so are the demorats that dumb or is it just so they can continue rigging elections and just using their numbers but the frauds are in every party and a complete cleaning is in order

  • Everyone should know that these fools they have propped up asTrannies are frauds and not true trannies to start with and they are actually setting those who truly are and will only bring more attacks on the gay people and by design and with intent to but the great thing is the huge majority of Americans already spoken by the sure numbers refusing Corp. Poisonous Jabs and right now it is 3 quarters refuse any more jabs while over 60% would not take even one so majority rules people GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • It is Hilarious that as election time gets closer they will all put on the smiley faces and pretend it was all a mistake or they need more time to fix what they broke but I say now is the very time to replace them all in every Elected seat at one time and not from the frauds in every party to pick from and with an American Patriot Party free from Corporate frauds propped up and created by these frauds to pick from but from the people's true candidates to pick from and anything else is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is insanity

  • Here we go with the PCR test again and they sure love to push fraud and how they amplified them to get false positive results of COVID 19/Sars 2 results and suits are filed worldwide but first the frauds posing as judges must be replaced and charged for refusing to even allow the cases from even being heard

  • And that means everything this unelected administration has done is illegal and unbinding and must be thrown out but I suspect even the Audits are stall tactics and most likely will still be going on (Ha Ha) past next elections and into eternity

  • If Election proof isn't fixed before the next Election the people should go in and write no confidence on the ballots

  • All we need is Voter ID and no Dominion computers

  • The real problem is our Federal Courts and Supreme Court is pact with frauds who are simply refusing to hear cases brought aiding and abetting criminals and by refusing to hear the cases to stop true justice and stopping the mounds of evidence from being presented is a crime in itself

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