Rioters Free, Trump Voters Still Jailed | Nick Di Paolo Show #568
Jul 07, 2021

In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of...


More Footage from Antifa During Brawl. Bill Cosby Released. Reverse the Races

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  • We all need to support these people in them I say, it's there right...I hope they get out and is evil what they have done to them...peace, love and light

  • it just goes to show you, there are two sets of laws, one for the do as you please people and the other for those who seek justice and the truth,(of which they will be made an example out of). Our gov't has really failed the American people, how sad is that?

  • What is funny is these groups are small in comparison to the population and the powers are only using them for useful idiots and when it gets really bad and the population has to move against this these groups will be the first to get slaughtered and no one will protect them then and they are in cities who are aiding them right now but they will soon turn on their useful idiots and use them to play like they had to fix it

  • when they act criminal you must overwhelm and destroy the enemy and just because they are Americans doesn't mean anything when they become Useful Idiots breaking Americas laws plain and simple

  • Man speaking Truths and Reality and a rarity today

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