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White FL Cop Shot by Black Thug | Nick Di Paolo Show #561
Jun 24, 2021

Nick DiPaolo

In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of...



Peter Daszak caught on tape. John McAfee McDead. "Karen" movie.

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  • The cop never should've put his hands on the man in the first place.

  • Nick, trust me, there's a lot about cops you are missing man. Cops have a lot of reason to have people wanting to take them out. I think it's vile but there is a LOT of reason for a LOT of people to have these desires. Trust me, man. If I ever get to meet with you maybe we could have a half an hour conversation or something. I feel so bad about it but OMG bro, they do so much harm.

  • I think that every Police departments around this country should go public and make their positions clear either follow their oaths to the Constitution or as the people continue to get pressure from the tyrants the overwhelming majority will move forward and these shootings ofPolice will become commonplace and what for a couple of extra bucks become a traitor or following illegal and unconstitutional laws because the bankers say so and I guess everyone has forgotten the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Movement and appears to be the same playbook once again but on the Worlds Population where no one is exempt

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