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China Is The Natural Rival Of Western Civilization
Jun 01, 2022

America First

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  • Nick Fuentes is a jewish faggot. China is a distraction.

  • Playing with BS will not get you any where, Why don`t you mention Soros and the CFR?

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  • You’re very right. It’s a shame that the West is so corrupt in morals and distanced from Christianity nowadays that Russia cannot in good faith partner with the West until everything there is restored to proper Christianity.

  • No matter how nice they play together to assist each other in their opposition to America, every objective appraisal indicates that China and Russia at some point will be bitter enemies. It’s absolutely ridiculous that so many countries cooperate with China — a truly evil empire with a consistent track record of screwing everyone over so they can impose a ruthless totalitarian political order.

  • Nick you love Stalin so you are no different than the commie Chinese. KYS you subversive faggot spic.

  • Russia and The United States do not need China They the USA and Russia could easily be self sufficient. China cannot self sustain. Their people are more compliant subservient and un armed. don't give up your guns !!!!!

  • Well said. Like for hundreds of years, whole Asia is an enemy of the West.

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